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Hi, we are Archimatika!
We help
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accelerate their

digital business
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digital products
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As a team we believe in new ideas, improving ourselves, technologies, and the world itself. This is why innovation is one of the main principles of our way of thinking and daily work.

We manage to stay up to date, be open to new ideas and work towards a better future. Innovation is reflected in our office workflow, the values we stand for, and certainly in our commitment to every project we create.

As a company with the combined capabilities of creativity, data, and technology, we have the tools to innovate and improve the whole business approach.

Archimatika is one that is progressive, open, supportive, and diverse. We help businesses to evolve and remain highly relevant to their customers by developing cutting-edge digital products and executing smart and valuable communication.

Working on what matters

We’re passionate about your online success.

Being passionate about transparency, reliability, and outstanding customer care, we aren’t happy with our creation until you are. We put tremendous focus on your business goals and deliver them according to your business values. Archimatika’s team of talented world-leading specialists know how to create your online success.
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We offer individual solutions based on our practical experience and constantly developing knowledge. For each client, we are looking for the only true and profitable solution.

Get ready to become the market leader and power to be reckoned with!

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Our Expertise

Unlike generic marketing firms, we've tailored our services to the nuance of real estate development and industrial processes. Our entire product development process is founded on these core principles:

Commitment to High Quality

We are committed to a high-quality development process that has a focus on thorough testing of the products we build, collaborative code reviews, and continuous evaluation of our work process.

Efficient and Proactive Approach

We embrace the agile approach to project management, which enables us to work efficiently and mitigate risks effectively. Our main focus is to help our clients achieve their goals and develop the right solutions, so we never get stuck on a particular design or idea. We proactively suggest changes and better approaches when they are available.

Planning is Key

Having well-defined tasks, assigning everyone with their own responsibilities, detailed acceptance criteria, frequent checkpoints, visible progress reports, and effective communication allows us to fit the set-up goals and deadlines.

Communication and Transparency

We value others’ time and prefer to set clear expectations and being honest about the real state of things.

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