Interactive real estate selling & leasing tool

impactful 3D sales

& presentation

Help your client discover the hidden potential of your real estate presenting it from an objective, detailed and informative side

Interactive 3D tool for real estate has become a fast, user-friendly, and immersive solution that took real estate sales to the next level.

Open up tangible opportunities
with the help of a virtual world

A new apartment is a significant investment of time, money, and effort. That is why a customer needs to have a complete understanding of its layout, floor plans, common areas, region infrastructure, and other valuable details
More and more real estate developers are now switching towards online tools in order to enhance it, increase conversion rate and widen the sales funnel.


Allay the fear and excitement of property buying

Shorten the decision cycle

Turn leads into sales

Bring capital

Keep up with your sales plans

This level of convenience and customer immersion has greatly enforced the competitive advantage of agents by attracting prospects, increasing engagement, and earning higher commissions.

Interactive 3D tool for real estate has become a fast, user-friendly, and immersive solution that took real estate sales to the next level.


Archimatika works online from any device. No install needed, everything is available at one click.


Offer the most suitable solution for your
customers with the help of numerous filters

Floor plans

Reveal a detailed layout of each
unit, containing availability, 3D
picture, floor plans, and many more.

Common area
& amenities

Showcase public spaces for tenants to meet and communicate. Pools,
bars, gyms, terraces, or any other space that can be easily shared by them.


Inform your clients about the region’s outstanding infrastructure by
demonstrating amenities situated within easy reach such as parks, malls,
banks, restaurants, and health club facilities.

Unit information
& unit plans

Display the important information
about units with ease and style. It is
usually displayed in a pop-up with
the unit number, characteristics,
price, and other useful information.
The pop-up contains different
buttons to open the plan,
panoramic view, send the
information by email, etc.

Interior visit

Seeing is believing. It’s not easy for
users to figure out how their future
home will look like just by pictures.
So, Archimatika is all-ready
to provide an immersive experience
with virtual interior visits. To help
people develop the vision of real

Email and customer relationship

This tool supports sending users information about selected units
(plans, documents, images, technical details, or pricing), while saving
the contact info to your CRM.

Online content management and connectivity

Besides real-time connectivity with any CRM, ERP, or asset management software, Archimatika comes with an online Content Management System.

Since projects always evolve through time, online management allows easily changing unit prices, plans, texts, images, videos, or any other content without on your own.

Moreover, we can connect to any existing API to centralize updates, as an example, any content shared by both the Archimatika tool and your website will be updated all simultaneously.

Cross-platform solution

3D interactive real estate visualization tool designed for PC touchscreen, smartphones, tablets, and web with an easy-to-use interface

Archimatika’s 3D tech
benefits in a nutshell

  • Shorten customer’s booking cycle from
    4 weeks to 4 hours.
  • Give customers an accurate, real-time, immersive 3D experience of exploring their home.
  • Respond to customer queries instantly and experience a 40% increase in closure rate.
  • Improve sales velocity by achieving
    15x more site visits and
    nearly 80% less lead loss.
  • Cut down marketing and sales expenditure by up to 70%.
  • Improve marketing
    ROI by 60%.
We offer
individual solutions

based on our practical
experience and
constantly developing
knowledge. For each
client, we are looking
the only true
profitable solution.

When you work with Archimatika, you can count on a team of digital experts who understand your needs in a way generic agencies can't replicate.

We turn investments into profit via Interactive visualization.